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This community came about when I ( tarah_fae ) realized that there were plenty of Yerf Hopefuls out there that needed a place they could chew their nails awaiting their reviews with likeminded folks! This community is the place to cheer for your favourites, give deserving applicants a pat on the back and find a shoulder to lean on - anything pertaining to the Yerf Application Board goes!

Here is the perfect place to tweak those application pieces and get other people's opinion on what would make a good application piece or not. Set up polls to let other members help you decide on which pieces in your portfolio would be best suited for an app.

You don't need to be a Yerf Hopeful to join. Anyone with artistic knowledge and enthusiasm for Yerf is most welcome!

PLEASE NOTE - the critique you get here will not be sugar-coated, nor will undue praise be given. This is "Yerf Bootcamp" and chances are we won't go easy on ya since the reviewers will certainly not. If you are opposed to thorough, possibly harsh critique, then please think twice about joining! On that same vein, I would like to remind folks to remain civil - no flames will be tolerated. The rules are still being set-up. In the meantime let common sense prevail!


First off, I want to make it clear that there are no rules to this community per se, but I would be ecstatic if everyone followed my guidelines to the best of their ability (it is like the Pirates' Code!). If I find that the guidelines are being overlooked too often, I may have to lay down some RULES... I despise thinking up and writing down rules so don't make me do it! :)

Yerf Hopefuls Guidelines:
0) THE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY - I reserve the right to change any of the guidelines as I see fit and mete out justice where I think it is necessary - in short... I AM THE LAW. I have appointed a couple of mods who will also keep an eye on things. Given the current compliment of members, I hardly think my mods will have any work to do! :) I am fairly open-minded and laidback and the folks I've picked out are mostly level-headed, but if at any time you feel you have been slighted, please let me know! We're all human afterall. I want this community to be fun for everyone.

1) DEALING WITH OTHERS - Please... since there are no Rules, the number one guideline is to use common sense and decency when dealing with other members. A little of each goes a long way to creating a stable and happy community.

2) DELIVERING CRITIQUE - Read the disclaimer... now read it again. We are not an ass-kissing community - we tell it like it is. We want our members to have the best possible chance of making it into Yerf, and that means good, hard, thorough, maybe even harsh critique. To keep the critiques and comments balanced, I want people to adhere to the following format (thanks to klawzie for the terminology!):

+Hits: (positive "hits" - here you list what you think counts in the picture's favour as a possible Yerf App piece. This need not be limited to the "what reviewers like to see" section, but anything that caught your eye about the picture.)

-Hits: (negative "hits" - here you list what you think counts AGAINST the picture as a possible Yerf App piece. Again, anything that bothers you about the picture, be it theme, content, level of finish, brightness/darkness etcetc.)

(Insert General Comments, Suggestions & Chatter here! :) )

This format allows the member in question to see at a glance what he/she still needs to work at and what they've already got sussed out.

3) GIVE AS GOOD AS YOU GET - Far too often I have seen places like these degenerate into a handful of folks attempting in vain to critique a buttload of pictures. Please folks... try to average at least 2-3 comments/critiques for each picture you upload. Take some time to address specific points of a picture and giving them a good ole run-through. There is no such thing as "I don't know enough! 6_6" in this community - each member's input is valued. Who knows? You might spot something no-one else does and greatly improve a picture.

4) TAKE AS GOOD AS YOU DISH OUT - Everyone is taking time to comment on pictures and choices. Even if you do not like suggestions, at least thank the commenter and remain polite. You *may* choose which suggestions to implement, but if you consistently ignore critique there will be consequences *ominous music plays in the background*. You are here to IMPROVE your chances of getting into Yerf, if your work was flawless, why upload it?

5) CONTENTS OF POSTS - Anything that has something to do with the Yerf Applications Forum goes by default, but that's not to say that that is the only thing you may post about! Members may post about their dreams/fears/indigestions regarding Yerf, furrydom, art, other artists etcetc. Members can upload any pictures they want - be it Works In Progress (WIPs), Possible App Pieces (PAPs) or any ole picture they would like to share with the rest of the community.

*PLEASE NOTE* I am sure that a fair number of our members are still using dailup, so please try to refrain from source linking pictures bigger than 250Kb to an entry. Anything over 150Kb should please be marked with a warning. All source linked pictures should be behind an LJ-cut to keep the scroll-down on friends' lists to a minimum.

6) HAVE FUN GODDAMMIT!! - This is the last, but probably most important guideline of them all - YOU WILL HAVE FUN! :)
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